Letter to the Congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church, Ossining, NY

I was first introduced to Trinity back in 2010 when Dale asked me to sing with the choir and be assistant organist for the Lessons and Carols service. It was love at first sound. I feel blessed to be joining the perennial tradition of making beautiful music at Trinity. Your loving kindness is incredibly welcoming in this wonderful community, and I sincerely thank you for offering me this opportunity.

I’ve grown to treasure church music, my experience with it, and the songs and pieces it has led and introduced me to. I believe music’s role in the worship service is a powerful one, and can vary, not only from one church to another, but also from one service to the next. I take seriously my responsibility of finding and presenting high quality music that brings life, passion, meaning, and beauty to a worship service. I’ve found that leaving room for inspiration, combined with those elements that have been carefully prepared, is what makes for the deepest and richest worship experience. In my eyes, the ability to listen and respond to a congregation’s energy is essential.

I am eager that with your love and support, our music program may grow and improve so that we may continue to serve the Church through sacred music. I hope for music to be an integral and spiritual part of Trinity's worship experience. I believe all musical styles have a place in worship, from sacred and secular choral music, art songs, world music, gospel, to jazz or Broadway tunes. Singing builds confidence, reduces stress and anxiety, and releases endorphins. If you haven't already, please consider joining our church choir.

“The only thing better than singing is more singing.” - Ella Fitzgerald

Do you play an instrument? Other musicians and instruments would be a welcome addition to our worship services. Our church has the potential to cultivate a fantastic music program that contributes greatly to the cultural life of the larger community. It is my hope that we can share Trinity Church's location, size, exceptional musical instruments, and acoustics with not only members of our congregation, but also
members of the greater musical community.

“My call to the ministry was neither dramatic nor spectacular. It came neither by some miraculous vision nor by some blinding light experience on the road of life. Moreover, it did not come as a sudden realization. Rather, it was a response to an inner urge that gradually came upon me. This urge expressed itself in a desire to serve God and humanity, and the feeling that my talent and my commitment could best be expressed through the ministry.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is through music that I humbly strive to worship and glorify God, and I hope that together, we will be able to spread God's word through Trinity's music program. Great music, terrific camaraderie, and wonderful sounds await you, I promise.

Musically yours,
Christopher Fasulo